Dipin Kapur

Co-founder, Haryana Hammers

Dipin Kapur is the director at Olive Sports. He also runs a leading interactive agency (Olive e-business) based at New Delhi, which caters to the digital needs of domestic and international clients. Dipin also has a passion for sports. So when Pro Wrestling League happened, he couldn’t restrain himself from participating at the auction and bidding for the grapplers.

When he came back from the event, he wasn’t alone – he had with him Team Haryana with 9 Indian and foreign grapplers. And a vision to give something valuable to the sport that has always been a part of the great land that is India.


Goldie Behl

Co-founder, Haryana Hammers

Goldie Behl is a renowned Indian film maker. He made his debut as a director with his film, ‘Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai.’

Having set up many companies with success, he also saw immense opportunities in Indian sports that have not come to limelight yet. He himself is a sports enthusiast, and one of the promoters of Haryana Hammers.


Himanshu Khanna

Co-founder, Haryana Hammers

Himanshu Khanna has more than 14 years of experience in Global Sales and Business Development in IT Services & solutions / Software products across multiple verticals like Telco, Public Sector & Manufacturing. In the past, he’s worked with global organisations like Microsoft

Being a keen sports person himself, Himanshu deeply believes that many Indian sports like Kushti need an immediate boost – and Haryana Hammers is his first step towards helping the sports to get back their lost glory.


Bhupender Singh

Co-founder, Haryana Hammers

A second generation entrepreneur, Bhupender Singh spearheads group that comprises companies operating in different spaces. Satya Realcon Pvt Ltd, Legend Precision Screws Pvt Ltd, and De Sportsbay Pvt Ltd are some of his business ventures.

He has been a sports enthusiast and has represented Delhi State in various under 14 and 17 tournaments in Hockey, Football, & Cricket. His passion for different sports encouraged him to be a part of the team behind the formation of Haryana Hammers.


Neeraj Jalan

Co-founder, Haryana Hammers

Neeraj Jalan is an industry stalwart and has served as the Director of several companies. His leadership is at the heart of the success of companies such as Olive E-Business Pvt. Ltd, Redshift Business Services Pvt. Ltd. and Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd, where he holds office in the capacity of Director. He is a promoter of Haryana Hammers Pro-Wrestling team.

His extensive cross industry experience and interest in sports has helped Haryana Hammers gain valuable insight into sports management industry. His expertise in strategic planning and business development has ensured that Haryana Hammers is growing every day and taking small steps to make it as the best sports franchise in India.