Nirmala Devi
Nirmala Devi

Nirmala Devi is a 1984 -born Indian wrestler and has been coached by Rajinder Singh since 2010. She also serves as a policewoman.


2005 Commonwealth Championship: 1st Rank.

2007 Commonwealth Championship: 1st Rank.

2007 World Championship: 35th Rank.

2009 World Championship: 20th Rank.

2010 Asian Championship: 5th Rank.

2010 World Championship: 17th Rank.

2010 Commonwealth Game: 2nd Rank.

2010 Asian Games: 9th Rank.

2013 World Championship: 26th Rank.

2013 Commonwealth Championship: 1st Rank in 48 kg category.

2014 World Championship: 22nd Rank.

2015 President Cup of Kazakhstan: 2nd Rank in 53 kg category.